About Me
I'm a photographer living in the San Francisco Bay Area (East Bay region). I mainly photograph nature and landscapes here in California, with occasional forays into wildlife photography.  I shoot both digital and film, and I'm teetering on the edge of owning too many cameras. 
Artist Statement
As a lifelong Californian I've developed a deep connection with the land and water that surrounds me. My photography is a cheerful adventure into intimate landscapes, lesser-known places, and the joy of the backroads.
My curiosity drives me to learn new things and discover out-of-the-way places. California’s varied landscapes serve as my favorite subject. Every corner of the state, from the misty redwoods to the sunny deserts, holds a story waiting to be captured through my lens.
My personal mission is to increase the amount of happiness in the world. Through my photography, I strive to find and share everyday, accessible beauty. I believe that by showcasing the overlooked scenes and wonders hidden close to home, I can inspire others to see the world with fresh eyes and appreciate the beauty that surrounds them every day.
When someone resonates with my images I feel a deep sense of fulfillment, making the early morning wake-up calls and the solitary miles traveled worthwhile.
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