What's a "now" page? You can read about them here, it's basically a "what am I up to or interested in these days?" page.
This one is updated as of June 2024.
My photography (probably the reason you came to my website) continues to be my most-regularly practiced hobby. (It feels weird to call it that, but it's not a job as I have a full-time job at an arts nonprofit.) I feel like I'm improving all the time, and it's a contemplative and rewarding practice for me. I am learning constantly through practice, repetition, reading books, and watching videos. 
I'm also continuing my explorations into pottery (I can make a decent mug now on the pottery wheel, and am experimenting with slab-building and various surface decoration techniques!), linocut printing, and film photography with my 1952 Rolleiflex camera, my 1980s Nikon amphibious film camera that I have yet to take underwater, and various other old cameras that people give to me once they find out I like old cameras. I also am excited to take out my kayak again one of these days.
I'm dabbling in weight lifting, which is great because my full-frame camera is heavy and I have weak little tyrannosaurus arms otherwise. I recently deadlifted 115 pounds of flaming barbell (yes, it was on fire) at Burning Man, which I've been attending since 2004.
As always, I'm reading about 10 different books, some fiction, some non-fiction based on whatever hobbies I'm into this week, some psychology or self-improvement.
In terms of my civic duties, I'm currently serving as the Vice-Chair of the Arts, Culture and Library Commission and we're doing our best to bring more art and fun to town.
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